Are online learning platforms as effective as they claim?

Are online learning platforms as effective as they claim?

October 26, 2018 0 By Beyond Posts

Online education has always been surrounded by suspicion and doubts. Be it a minor technical/non-technical diploma or big degrees, students always have doubts about its efficiency and credibility. However, Institutions have a different point of view to present in this context. 70% of teachers believe that the success of the course totally depends upon the students. on the other hand, students think it lacks transparency in courses and burdens them with tons of unnecessary knowledge.

Here are a few common points where online education lack-

Overload knowledge transfer:

Online courses are generally prepared by a group of experts but once and for all. Some may update their syllabus time to time but that doesn’t happen in a frequent manner. Lectures are scripted and overloaded with knowledge and students feel the lack of creativity in lectures.

Difficulty in selecting the best courses:

Selecting a course that is appropriate is the same as finding a way in the ocean without a compass. Professionals are usually aware but coin flips when it comes to freshmen. We agree that to overcome this problem many self-assessment tests are designed in a way so that students can assess themselves and select the best course, however, according to many students don’t seem to be working.

Lack of compelling environment for study:

Self-study is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some find it normal but for most of the people, it’s quite challenging. Motivating oneself for study every day and maintaining that discipline is quite challenging. Lack of participation and inputs on the study by fellow students and physical absence of a teacher makes it dull and monotonous and extremely tiresome. Going to college and learning around people with different mindset has an impact on personality building. Students learn the importance of other’s perceptions and learn to be a team player that teaches patience and conversation skills

Although, these cases are against online learning, nevertheless, these are areas of improvement. Except above, online courses also have some of the unbeatable advantages such as free courses and tutorials, and latest syllabus etc. One can watch videos or read in their travel time and learn a new skill in no-time sometimes even without spending a coin. Because of the market completion, it is easier to find the latest syllabus as soon as it hits the market but teachers are not always updated with the same. Some students’ claims that they study the latest syllabus, technology, and theories online and clear their doubts with their teachers, they can always clear the basics.