3D Featured Document Examining Machine To Deal With Forged Documents

3D Featured Document Examining Machine To Deal With Forged Documents

December 6, 2018 4 By Beyond Posts

With the advent of advanced technology, the efficiency of work revolutionarily enhanced. But, there were some unwanted incidents of misuse of the technology which are costing high. Fake documents of Degrees, certificate, bank cheque, passports and other create so much problems in every country including India. These fake documents are made with such cunningly that it becomes tough task for authorities to check the bona fide of the documents. 

Foster + Freeman Ltd came with such a 3D featured document examining machine that can enable to catch the micro forgery in papers.


Foster + Freeman Ltd, innovators in the design and manufacture of forensic science equipment, held an event at New Delhi’s hotel unveiling its new product- VSC 8000 document imaging workstation. The 3D machine is a new flagship Video Spectral Comparator for the comprehensive examination of all questioned documents.

 Top officials from government and private institutions, including CBI and Centre Finger Print Bureau attended the event.  Director of Perceptive Biotech Pvt Ltd Dr. Nitin A Deshmukh said that the machine is a revolutionary in terms of checking and scanning forged documents. “The machine will help to check the corruption and prevent organizations from huge loss, ” he added.

Why this Machine Is so Important?

The latest in a line of industry leading document examination workstations, the VSC 8000 provides powerful facilities for the interrogation of documents including passports, travel and identity documents, banknotes, cheques, official letters and breeder documents, as well as works of art and other valuable artefacts.

Foster + Freeman technology has been at the forefront of document examination since the launch of the original VSC workstation some 35 years ago. It builds upon that technology, combining vastly improved multi-spectral LED light sources with our most sophisticated digital imaging technology to-date.

 The resulting system enables examiners to verify documents by detecting the presence of hidden security features and to reveal evidence of alterations or tampering that would have previously remained imperceptible to all but the most advanced of examination instruments.


  • The VSC 8000 is equipped with an integral motorised XY stage for precise positioning of documents under high magnification,
  • A high-specification spectrometer for accurate colour analysis,
  • A new ‘Super Resolution Imaging (SRI)’ optical system, which provides excellent image clarity and resolution of documents up to A4/Letter size
  • All VSC 8000 operations are carried out via a powerful desktop PC, running the updated VSC Suite 7.0 software
  • Super Resolution Images are displayed on a 32” 4K UltraHD monitor
  • A new streamlined method of conducting examinations
  • A direct result of existing VSC users feedback
  • Pre-set workspaces exist for passport examination, ID cards, banknotes, and ink analysis.
  • Diagnostics and Calibration To ensure accurate and repeatable results, and to assist laboratories seeking ISO accreditation
  • The VSC 8000 can be calibrated using NIST traceable standards (supplied with all systems)