Corruption case in Uttar Pradesh

Corruption case in Uttar Pradesh

November 13, 2018 0 By Beyond Posts

One shocking case of corruption came into light in India’s most populated state Uttar Pradesh. The case is a testimony of loopholes in government schemes and system. The case also describes how a person, within the nexus of politicians, can do corrupt practices in the society and no one can stop him.

Beyond Posts is highlighting the case so that readers can understand how good governance of Yogi government started huffing and puffing in remote villages. Beyond Posts received a letter from Javed (name changed because of security of whistle-blower) he unearthed the case in detailed.


In Javed’s words-

With all due respect, I would like to share something of what could be a big corruption taking place in my native place Village Loknathpur, Block Akhandnagar, tehsil Kadipur, Thana Dostur, District Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

These are few Pictures of what looks like some random abandoned Complex or something of that sort of What if I say that the construction in the pictures is an Institute which is apparently providing BTC (Basic Training Certificate) course which is quite in demand in Uttar Pradesh.

This College is Known as “SYED AAYSHA ZAHEER MEMORIAL INSTITUTE )” It is located in Loknathpur Balchandpatti Gram, Tehsil: Kadipur, Block: Akhandnagar, Thana: Dostpur, District: Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
The standard Fee of the BTC course can go up to Rs.2 lakhs per Person. And the Average Starting Salary after successfully completing of BTC can be in the range of INR 2 Lacs to 10 Lacs per annum in Government Primary School or any Primary School. So, in short, This Course is very sought off among youngster in Uttar Pradesh. The structure of the institute was built around the year 2009-2010 and the BTC course started around the Year 2013.


This institute was founded by Mr Naushad Ahmed of the same Village i.e. LoknathpurBalchandpatti. He also has been the Pardhan of the village in the Past; He is often known to shift Loyalties from Samajwadi Party to BahujanSamaj Party depending upon his needs. The current Gram Pradhan of the village Feroz Ahmed just acts as a Puppet to Naushad Ahmed. As per the scenario, the seat for the Gram Pradhan has to belong to a person from the scheduled caste and hence he has chosen Feroz to be that face for the Pradhan. Mr Naushad is currently looking after the work in the village.


Scam 1:

Naushad has built the college on his own Agricultural Land comprising 60 Feet width and 200 feet Length (approximately 12000 square feet). Now the question rising in a common mind would be: Is it that easy to get all the permissions in place for a course like BTC which involves future of Children’s Education? Can anyone make an institute or College on his or her Agricultural land? Can a college/institute be run without any Teachers/ Professors in the Staff Panel? (There is not a single teaching staff) Can the Institute run without a Principal / Dean? Can any private college avail LohiaGraminAwasyojana Scheme and use its money to build a Part of college.

Can the institute run without proper amenities including furniture and stationery availability for students? This is how classrooms look like:

This is not an educational college but a bogus Institute which gives BTC course certificate to the students in return of money. It’s just a bogus college with few classrooms built around a thin brick wall just for the namesake with a weak ceiling ready to fall any moment.

The founder is making a hell lot of money by illegal means with the funds allotted in the village under various schemes. The illegal practice further involves many corrupt government officials in Uttar Pradesh. This clearly shows games being played with the future of the students.

Now let’s talk About the Scam 2:

Do you see this Red Stone with the said Institute in the Background? This Red Stone is the stone laid by Road Authorities of the Purvanchal Expressway. It is a six-lane proposed Expressway coming along cities like Lucknow-Azamgarh-Ghazipur. The above Bogus Institute is constructed between the roads which are a part of the construction for the expressway.

And the Founder Naushad Ahmed is expecting huge Compensation in Return. Now the question that arises is:

1. Do such Leaders always know about the upcoming Projects coming in a particular Area? The Proposed Expressway was originally conceptualized by Mayawati Government in 2008 later Akhilesh Yadav announced it as Lucknow-Azamgarh-Ballia expressway in 2015. Anyhow, let’s assume that the founder of this fake institute did not know about the Project in Advance. Now the question arises is

2. Why the said Expressway has to go over this college/institute when double the size of the Road’s space is available on either side of this Institute? You can see the space on either Side of the College in the above Picture. You can see the space on either side of the College in the above Picture. The sources say that Naushad Colluded with the Government Officials and Engineers and made sure that the Expressway Passes through his Fake College, which now or then is going to be Exposed. The six lanes Expressway is being built mostly on farmland so the compensation burden on the Government is not as high. However, if the road passes through a house or any other building, the compensation amount would be higher. In the above Case, the compensation given to the Villagers is Rs.1, 20,000 (Rupees one Lakh twenty thousand) per Biswa (1 Biswa = Approx 1200 Square feet) for their Farm Land. However, Founder of the College Naushad Ahmed is demanding 200 times the normal amount citing his Institute. His demand is Rs.24,00,00,000 (Rupees 24 Crores) for his 10 Biswa land with fake College. Normal Compensation for the Land has to be just Rs. 12,00,000 (Rs. Twelve lakh. Let’s suppose that the Government gives him around 10 Lakh more for his shoddy Structure.
Naushad has colluded with the people in Government and many others to make sure he gets his way. Nonetheless, it’s the Tax Payers money which is falling in corrupt hands. Something needs to be done now or it will be too late. Concerned authorities should initiate Proper Enquiries regarding the above Issues. Thanks.”

Javed has fulfilled his responsibility by complaining about the case on “Jansunwai app” however his complaint is just routed from one department to another. A citizen who is trying bring corruption into limelight is even struggling for someone to acknowledge the issue. India has a larger part underdeveloped even after around 70 years of Independence. It is because  termite of the corruption, is the entire system. Post Independence, the country has seen the government of various parties but none of them succeeded to check the corruption. Current government- NDA-led by Narendra Modi claims zero tolerance on corruption but at lower-level irregularities are happening.