Deep Web: The weird but astonishing side of internet

Deep Web: The weird but astonishing side of internet

January 28, 2019 0 By Niraj Gala

There are total 3.9 billion users worldwide and on an average Google process around 40,000 searches per second. The search results which we obtain from Google via the internet is called the surface web. But there is another web called Deep Web which is 400 – 500 times huge than surface web and expected to cover around 99% of the entire internet available.
Before we understand what is deep web and how it works, let me explain to you how surface web or any search engine actually works.

There are algorithms which scan or crawls various web pages available over the internet and gets themselves indexed. The respective search engines save all the information in the form of data or information in their servers or databases and display as results if any related keyword(s) searched. So, in short, if there are some digital web pages which are not indexed by the algorithm, then it will not be displayed in the search result.
When we go deep to understand the use of internet other than searching any relevant information, the concept of Deep Web comes into the picture. As we know that without indexing the web page(s) will not be displayed by any search engines, then that particular web page can still be accessed by URL.

Information available on deep web-

What kinds of information are available on these web pages, so the information can be in any of the below-mentioned forms –

1) Intranet system of the university, college or school
2) Internal websites designed for companies, trade organizations or associations
3) Websites which are password protected and can only be accessed by members
4) Any individual’s personal social media, bank, email, etc. account and much more

We can say that we use the deep web on a daily basis unintentionally but it is different from the surface web in the manner that it cannot be searching using any search engines.
So the deep web is basically a part of the internet which contain personal information and shouldn’t be available to the public. The owner of such websites, web pages, information, etc. do their level best to safeguard these kinds of information to be visible against any search.