How different is your personal life from your digital life

How different is your personal life from your digital life

January 2, 2019 1 By Beyond Posts

During the past decade, online social networking has caused profound changes in people that affected the way they think and communicate. it’s unclear, however, whether or not a number of these changes might have an effect on sure traditional aspects of human behaviour and cause medicine disorders. many studies have indicated that the prolonged use of social networking sites, like Facebook, could also be associated with signs and symptoms of depression, low self-esteem, bipolar disorders, and low shallowness, particularly in youngsters and adolescents. Gradually, it is affecting our day to day life,such as how we dress, choose our jobs and sometimes life-partners.       

Digital world has made things easier for us too. We have better exposure to knowledge, better opinion and other aspects. Gone are the days when staying in line to get books or travelling a long way to meet people and get an opinion. We have separate lives now. The virtual world has created an identity for everyone and more or less it is helping us to form an opinion every step of the way.

We have celebrities and famous personalities then we have people who become influential because they create awareness, portrait an ideal image or sometimes because we made them. Many of the common people are known only because of facebook/youtube/quora/Instagram or through other social platforms. It is an era of skills. You have skills you have the audience. 

Employment and opinion building are two major positive outcomes of a digital world. Digital advertising, image building and marketing have taken over the world and at the same time its not only brands and advertisements that consumers listen too. We have influencers, to create awareness, to brand a product, lifestyle and sometimes lives. This competition also forces companies to put extra efforts on their brands than ever.

However, Being a digital personality has a lot of burden on oneself. Either you are a celebrity or a troller, you have that virtual identity for yourself on social media. Nothing has only positive aspects, so social media is no special. Maintaining a social image sometimes puts so much pressure on an individual that sometimes it is unfair.

Individual start maintaining a life he doesn’t have or sometimes hold
grudges for people they don’t know. That pressure grows gradually and creates an aura of anxiety we are not even aware of.