International level table tennis player is going to be homeless, you can save her

International level table tennis player is going to be homeless, you can save her

October 18, 2018 1 By Beyond Posts

She was just 8 years old when she became state level champion. When you will enter in a 14 years old Table Tennis Player Vanshika Bhargava’s home, you will be countered with goosebumps moment after seeing a room pack with trophies and medals. The same happened to me when I entered her home in Delhi’s outskirt Mahipalpur.
The house was not very big and its condition was portraying the financial condition of Bhargava’s parents. While talking to Beyondposts’ journalist, Bhargava told the amazing journey of success in a very tender age.
14-year-old prodigy has played almost in 10 countries. She won the gold medal in Asian Championship in team category and silver in the single category. She also won many medals in national level categories.

Meanwhile, there is a sad side in the great story of achievements. Bhargava missed many tournaments recently as her parents-Jaipal Bhargava and Anita Bhargava couldn’t afford to send her in competition de financial issues. Her father is a small businessman in the cement sector but he is suffering from loss. Mother Anita is a housewife and most of her time goes to attend Vanshika as she is just 14.

The worst part is that Vanshika is not getting support from the federation as it supports first 3 or 4 ranking players. Vanshika now stands 7th at the national level and 30th at international level. Her ranking will improve if she continues to play tournaments but her family’s financial condition is the biggest barrier. Now, the obliged family has decided to sell their home to bear the cost of training and traveling of Vanshika.

Meanwhile, a foundation ‘Believe Sports’ came forward to support Vanshika. The foundation is trying to generate a donation for the player. There is a website that is working to arrange money for Vanshika ‘’.
It is really unfortunate that in the era when the government is working on ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ movement, a mother of 14 years old player is obliged to sell her home to promote her daughter.

Hereby, Beyondposts request you to please donate or sponsor her so that India gets more medals. We as a nation must not allow India’s representative to become the homeless.