Mental Health Vs Superstition

Mental Health Vs Superstition

October 27, 2018 0 By Beyond Posts

We are living in advanced science era however, people from the most part of India are least bother about mental health as it’s consequences. Illiteracy and low awareness of mental health are making situation worse day by day. Lack of knowledge regarding the subject and social pressure pressurize people rush to a wizard (Tantrik) whenever they counter any mental disease. While speaking to Desh Ki Baat Clinical Psychologist and Co-founder P.E.A.C.E Solutions Samriddhi Khatri emphasizes to spread awareness about psychological diseases. She says a mental illness is not considered as an illness but a supernatural phenomena. She urged everyone to consult a doctor instead of occultist if they feel mentally unwell and emphasizes to increase awareness among people. A Noida based foundation P.E.A.C.E Solution is working on spreading awareness about mental health.

According to a study by National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (Nimhans), as many as 13.7 percents of India’s general population is suffering from mental illness and 10.6 percent people need immediate medical attention. Despite the alarming report by Nimhans in 2016, neither health ministries of state or Centre nor health institution have done enough to address the menace. The gathering of people around the Ashrams or office of religious occultist is itself a manifestation of superstition.
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