Opinion- Beyondposts

Opinion- Beyondposts

February 20, 2019 0 By Beyond Posts

We all are mourning over the martyrdom of 40 CRPF jawans in Pulwama since February 14. It was a black day for India and humanity. It was a heinous crime and as said in the press it has been avenged within 100 hours of the attack. We salute our warriors.

Recently we received a statement from Pakistani PM Imran Khan and I am embarrassed to see how our media houses are portraying his speech as surrender- a coward act.

The same was said about the act that took 40 lives of our soldiers. Now, think about it, a young terrorist, who recently joined terrorism, and was under the radar since the day he joined terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed carried 350 KG of explosive in a car without being noticed and attacked a bus carrying our Jawans, when there were around 2500 of soldiers travelling through a sensitive area.

Was that a coward act? I don’t think so. We have been blaming Pakistan for our each and every security failure. We are no expert here on security but it would take no brainer to evaluate that there was a security loophole among us.

Again after Pakistani PM’s speech, it is been said that he surrendered. It doesn’t seem a ‘surrender’ when he clearly said Pakistan will retaliate. We have lost so many of our brave hearts already and it is been a long time since we have to try to bring this to light that Pakistan is behind all this but why nobody is investigating why this happened at the first place.

How they executed a heinous crime like that in full security area. Our media houses are supposed to be opinion maker but it seems they just can’t think out of politics after all. Their work is to question the government and provide an unbiased opinion; however, all they have been doing is to spread hate among people for Kashmiris.

People are standing against Kashmiris all over India and this is not a good sign. I hope their agenda is not divided and conquer because this is what seems to be happening these days. Our Army is one of the most powerful armed forces in the world and they are better to decide whether there should be war or not.