Sardar Vallabhai Patel put against his own party- Congress

Sardar Vallabhai Patel put against his own party- Congress

October 31, 2018 2 By Beyond Posts

With the inauguration of World’s tallest statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Indian politics took a crucial turn now. It is expected that the ruling party- Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will draw a bigger line parallel to Congress Icon Jawahar Lal Nehru. Though Patel himself was a Congressperson, post-independence, he did not get due space in his party or in history.

Now, the Modi-led government took a politically cunning move by building such a historical monument of Patel and unsheathed a double-edged sword against Congress. BJP is tom-tomming that it honored a legend that was ignored by its rivalry and the other side Patel will help BJP countering Nehru.

“The move to build such a huge monument is by and large a political stunt. BJP wants to please certain castes by hailing Patel,” said professor and researcher Amit Chamaria in a telephonic conversation with Beyond Post.
He described it is unjust, with the end numbers of freedom fighters, saying that only Patel united the nation during the early days of Independence. “First Mughal then British too made effort to merge small princely states into a large country,” added Chamaria.

It is not required high political acumen to understand the surprise love of BJP for a person who always fought against the ideology of RSS or Right Wing. The saffron party wants to defeat Congress by their cards. Somewhat BJP got success to make an illusion that Patel had a soft corner for RSS. But the matter of fact is that post killing of Mahatma Gandhi, he banned RSS on February 4, 1948, and jailed many Swayam Sevaks (RSS volunteers).

Meanwhile, the completing of construction work of the monument within around 4 years- near general election 2019, has given a loose ball to Congress to hit. When many mega projects- Make In India, Smart City and Start-Ups failed to give it a shape, the construction of Patel’s statue is perfectly built with time-frame. No doubt, the statue will definitely help to gain vote bank.

However, the entire politics around Patel will definitely take India in Indira era as Indira Gandhi had shown some reflection of the character of Patel who is popularly known as “Ironman of India” because of his iron-fist ruling style.
Indira journeyed Nehru era which made her social liberal and she took India in strict ruling regime; now, Modi is taking the country on Patel’s path which is an indication that people of India will see a strong rule.

Politically, BJP may have got an icon to check-mate Nehruism but the party needs to be conscious as the statue can trigger emotions but cannot address real issues. End of the day, BJP will go to the public for asking votes after a few months; and that time all that would matter, is a report card of the government. When the government is making juggernaut around the statue, people are facing serious issues such as joblessness, high fuel price, and lynching, and BJP will be questioned about that too.