Tale of encounters in India: Lesser you know more you miss

Tale of encounters in India: Lesser you know more you miss

September 27, 2018 0 By Beyond Posts

‘Encounter’ the word itself creates thrill and excitement but it is not as glorious as it appears. The word ‘encounter’ is multidimensional as it gives different viewpoints to different people.
Undoubtedly, for readers perspective, the encounter related stories are very entertaining and thrilling as well. But, such an approach is not a justice with the subject. Human Rights activists say that state uses supreme power to fulfill their political ambitions, while the police narrate most of the encounter as result of retaliation or self-defense. However, many fake encounters suggest that corrupt officials frame encounters to get rewards or private gifts from the mastermind of the crime.

Films have always glorified the killing incidents. However, there have been made some realistic movies as well that throw light on the hidden side of the subject. Encounter in India has always been controversial. Due to lack of transparency and media access, lesser facts surfaced and more buried. It is a like tip of an iceberg, lesser appears more hides. Until 3 decades ago, there were not much media explore in India, hence there is no documentation of encounter in yesteryears. The very first encounter related story we find in 1976, killing of Sundar Daku in Delhi. India had witnessed worst encounter during 1980s-90s as few parts of the country were facing security challenges. Unofficial records state that tens of hundreds of fake encounters took place in an effort to prevail law and order. The economic capital of India Mumbai, Punjab, and Kashmir were facing biggest threat from organized criminal groups. Underworld gangsters have clawed Mumbai in its grip while Kashmir and Punjab were burning in the fire terrorism.

Recent days, Uttar Pradesh has witnessed as many as over 1,294 encounters in Yogi Government in last one year.
Since there is not much documentation or details in the public domain, people do not know much about the deadliest encounters.
Also, the write-up must not be seen as an effort to derecognized the heroic acts and saga of scarifying by security officials. The is just an initiative to throw light on the issue.

Thank 24X7 media of modern days that they reveal some astonishing encounters. These cases are attached with so many doubts and questions. Since most of them are subject judiciary, we cannot reach on any conclusion about their veracity, however, here we enlisted some high profile cases that hit headlines.

Noida Encounter:

The very recent suspected encounter took place in Noida on February 3, 2018, which led two men shot by police. After a complaint by family, 4 policemen have been suspended.

The encounter of gangster Anandpal Singh

The encounter of gangster Anandpal in Rajasthan on June 24, 2017, triggered an upheaval in Nagpur district. The massive protest against the alleged fake encounter turned violent in which 1 man was killed and 20 cops were injured.

Ishrat Jahan Encounter

Ishrat Jahan, 19, was killed along with 3 other men on June 15, 2004. The four were alleged Lashkar-e-Taiba operatives plotting to kill then Chief Minister of Gujarat. The case was highly politicized by Congress and BJP during the polls but the real story of the incident is yet unsolved mystery.

Sohrabuddin Sheikh

Following Ishrat Jahan case, Sohrabuddin Anwarhussain Sheikh encounter also hit headlines for its suspicious circumstances. Sheikh was gunned down on November 26, 2005. According to reports, Sheikh was picked by ATS wing of Gujarat police when he was traveling from Hyderabad to Maharashtra with his wife. The Media pressure and protest by activists resulted in investigations by the CBI. Subsequently, most of the officials had been convicted in a fake encounter case.

Tulsiram Prajapati

Tulsiram Prajapati, who was an associate of Sohrabuddin and witnessed of his encounter, killed in police custody, in December 2006. 36 official, including the then Gujarat Home Minister Amit Shah, came under the radar of CBI investigation.

Ramnarayan Gupta Encounter

Ramanarayan Gupta, an alleged aide of underworld don Chhota Rajan, was picked by police on November 11, 2006, and killed near Versova, in suburban Mumbai on the same day. After an inquiry, the encounter was found staged. Subsequently, 22 policemen have been arrested.

Batla House Encounter

The Batla house encounter happened on September 19, 2008, in Jamia Nagar, Delhi in which 2 suspected terrorists and Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma were killed during the alleged encounter. The encounter got political color when top politicians demanded inquiry in the incident.

Ansal Plaza Encounter

Two terrorists were gunned down in the basement of Ansal Plaza, Delhi in 2002. A Doctor, Hari Krishna had claimed that he was a witness of the staged murder. Strangely, the doctor went missing for some time and when he appeared he tried to retract his statements.