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Google search are more interesting and social media appealing

According to the assumption and inputs from various sources, there are around 2 trillion searches per day or 63,000 per second on Google. The official announcement of Google Search was carried out by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in the year 1998. Since launch, Google has maintained its position and as per the report in October 2018, the global market share for the search engines is around 92.74% compared to Yahoo!, Bing and Baidu by 2.32%, 2.17%, 0.81% respectively.

The user experience of users so far was quite simple and basic which there used to be a list of links with relevant or related information, image, video, etc. As this has been going on for decades, Google has now announced the new look with will be their first redesign since launch. The announced new design will be more enhanced to display search results along with some additional features.

Google, on the occasion of their 20th anniversary, announced the change in the look and feel of the search engine. The new look and feel revealed will still have the list of links along with additional features which will include feeds, videos, images and much more. Even thou Google have failed every time in social network website, but this will allow users to have a look and feel of social media platform where you can view news feeds, images, stories and videos according to your interest and preferences.

Let’s have a brief look on few specific updates –

1) Discover, Google’s feature for personalized feeds will be available for all its cellphone users and a homepage for desktop users. This feeds will purely be based on your interest and history. Users will be able to save their interesting or needful stuff from their feeds into “collections” which will be topic-based.

2) Stories will be “doubling down”, which means there will be frequent updates in search results. The AMP stores will be created and published by Mashable which has been partnered for this initiative. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be implemented by Google for making tap-able stories on specific topics.

3) There will be a complete makeover of Google Images. The new Google Images will be based on an algorithm with a new ranking that will mainly focus on evergreen contents like DIY, recipes, etc.

4) Google Lens will be included within Google Images. This will help to search specific items within photos.

The enhanced look and feel of the search results and display are designed considering young adults and teenagers.

So, just wait for a new search engine which would be like any of the social media platforms.

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