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How do the leaders waste valuable time and other resources?

It is rightly said that ‘time and tide wait for none’ and therefore the leaders who are the spear headers for the team should avoid  wasting time not only because it is waste of resources but also once wasted, it can’t be regained. You are aspiring to be a leader, read this article to know how to become a good leader and what all traits you should avoid-

1. Distraction – It is a given fact that no one can be fully concentrated on one’s job but frequent distraction is a bad habit especially for a leader to whom everyone looks up. Being distracted will not only affect your work but also the team compatibility and morality. So invest time in developing habits which will keep your distraction at the minimal and thus enabling you to become more productive.

2. Doubting one’s own decisions – You must have heard this English idiom – ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ so you must have a listening ear but accept only what you deem fit. There will be decisions which will be hard to take but have to be taken and at times you might be required to break few hearts along the way; do them because is it part of our job. Being a leader is not an easy job and if you are aiming to please everyone, forget being a leader then. Start trusting your own decisions and never lose confidence n yourself.

3. The closing of one’s mind – Vanity brings the downfall; so if you close off your mind to the team you are leading, then gradually you will lose the support and the team. In this age of experimentation and innovation, you have to keep an open mind to accept new ideas which can be implemented to usher in better profits.

4. Paying attention to the naysayers – There will be always someone who would want your downfall. There would be always someone who would want you to reach the ground level so where feedback is valuable to better one’s team and work, it is also important to filter out those who offer only meaningless negativity. Constant negative criticism will affect your decisions and self-confidence which start reflecting in your team as well.

5. Trying to keep everyone happy – As mentioned before, with the role of leadership, comes a burden consisting of hard decisions and truths which needs to be carried by you no matter what. So if you are aiming to please everyone, then remove it from your checklist of qualities of being a good leader because someone who is crowd-pleaser can never be a good leader.

6. Fear of making mistakes – Who said that leaders do not mistake? Leaders at the end of the day are humans and humans are prone to making mistakes. That’s how we have evolved and reached this stage. So take decisions, some of them might end up as wrong decisions so learn from them and move on.

I hope this article will help you to become a good and effective leader.

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