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How to stay positive when things go wrong

Today’s generation which somewhat always seems on wheel fraying in a race against the time. People especially youth have unending appetite to gain everything within no time. The entire generation across the globe is very ambitious. Being ambitious and having craved to possess everything is not wrong at all, in fact, these are metaphoric of a progressive society.
But there is a grey side in the picture. The paramount of desire to have an ideal life (it could be different for different people) triggers traffic signal free race which at the end makes a person reach nowhere but back to square. Interestingly, the journey still keeps going on.
Meanwhile, when one senses that s/he is not getting what s/he desired from the life, a strong pessimistic sphere is built around that person. Since, the person, generally, doesn’t prepare him or herself for the failure, the setback of not achieving the desired goal hurts intensively. In some cases, the breakdown goes to the extent that societal elements are generated in the mind of the person. And he/she succumbs without a full-fledged fight against the failure yielded stress.
The victim thinks that h/she used his all energy with full capacity in the order to achieve the goal; the resulting the person decided to end his/her life. We often read in the newspaper that a student killed himself just because he failed to crack an exam or a person ended his/her life as his/her love proposal was rejected.
We can make a comprehensive assessment of the subject with the outlook to understand where the generation at large is making mistake and what is the mechanism to overcome the menace.


Since childhood, a kid has been teaching about achievers without mentioning how many times an achiever fails before getting the success. But, a kid isn’t well prepared to counter the failure. No one- family, friends, teachers or mentors discusses the failure which is inevitable in one’s life. The result is one pours all energy to achieve the success and in case he/she fails, no energy or strategy remains to pull through the painful situation.
It’s not a rocket science, the human mind has the tremendous capacity to breed positive thoughts even in most sorrowful or distressed atmosphere. All that one needs is practice. One must be taught to stay calm and emit positive thinking irrespective of the nature of the result of one’s efforts. The failure is a reality, it must get due respect. One must be realized that life does not go as per one’s desire, sometimes it proceeds against your plan. And one must have other strategies to cope up with an adverse situation. Life is not a movie where you can play a hero, who can do anything and everything on his own terms.

Some key tricks to stay positive-

• Motivate yourself every day
• Read biopic or watch biopic movies and underline their struggle and failures too
• Put up pictures of your mentors on the wall of your bedroom
• Do meditation or visit a religious place
• Stay away from the average or negative thinkers
• Always remember there is 2nd, 3rd and so on innings in the life
• Remember, there is no full stop in life
• Being a failure is not a subject of feeling shame, all great personalities were once a failure

Clearly, the life goes through many twists and turns, the better is accept the life the way it is and lead your life at a positive note and ignore worthless opinions from people around you. Remember the great inventor Thomas Edison’s schoolmaster thought Edison to be an incredibly stupid and dropped him out from the school.

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