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Political turmoil in India

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath made a surprise expansion of his Cabinet just ahead of state assembly elections. It is a debatable fact that can a minister do any turnaround in just four months? However, the induction of Jitan Prasada in Cabinet is seen as an attempt to please the Brahmin community, which is said to be upset with the Yogi government.

A similar political event was seen in Congress-ruling Punjab, where the lead changed 9 months before the state set to go to the polls. Congress picked a chief minister from the Dalit community, replacing Sikh and seasoned politician Captain Amarinder Singh.

It seems ‘nervous 90’ ahead of polls became a new norm of Indian politics. Even BJP jumped in the race to make sudden changes, which is a surprise for political analysts, as the top leadership being led by Amit Shah and PM Modi is considered a powerful decision-making body. Karnataka, which was being ruled by BJP’s strongman BS Yediyurappa, also saw a change of leadership as BS Bommai replaced BSY.

Similar unrest surfaced in Congress-led Chhattisgarh, which may see a drastic change in the coming days. The recent meeting between Rajasthan Congress leader Sachin Pilot and Congress de facto boss Rahul Gandhi made a strong prelude to turmoil in the state as polls are around the corner and the Pilot Vs CM Ashok Gehlot cold war is still to be settled.

These hustle-bustle political changes in BJP and Congress ruling states have many-fold dimensions and they churned out, by and large, two very crucial factors which hint at the evolving polity in India. The very first fact is distrust between state leadership and high-command sitting in Delhi. High-command decisions dominated BJP’s Uttarakhand, Assam, while Congress’ Punjab is a hot example were in top brass in Delhi had shown no faith in a leader who spent 52 years in the party.

The second factor, which is really a danger for the growth of democracy and political acumen at large, crucial and sensitive political decisions, is being taken on the advice made by the pollster, who is also called a poll-strategist. These poll-strategists are highly paid professionals, and they can create a so-called ‘wave’ in favour of their clients. In this scenario, money plays a key role, which poses a great danger to the basic idea of democracy as a rich political party can create a manufactured atmosphere to mislead voters. And another aspect of hiring these professionals and following their strategies shows that top politicians in the nation are becoming intellectually handicapped, and their brains do not produce ideas to take poll-related decisions to deal with opponents.

Former Punjab CM Amarinder Singh questioned Congress High Command over its decision being taken on Prashant Kishor’s advice to replace him with Charanjit Singh Channi.

Clearly, BJP and Congress, both national parties, are running on the same track in an attempt to save their fortress, which is surely not going to help democracy.

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