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Protest against SBI’s guidelines for its pregnant employees-AICCTU


Press Release- We Demand –
Immediate Withdrawal of Gender Discrimination in Recruitment,
particularly Against Pregnant Women

AICCTU vehemently opposes and unequivocally condemns the State Bank of India’s revised guidelines on employment, circulated on 12th January 2022, which states that a woman candidate who is more than three months pregnant will be considered temporarily unfit, and she “may be allowed to join within four months after the delivery of the child.”

The SBI has now issued guidelines effectively banning pregnant women candidates from applying for recruitment. These guidelines are bound to have an adverse impact on promotion, seniority, other benefits, and even on maternity leave for women employees.

These new guidelines are anti-women, discriminatory based on gender, and male chauvinistic against women candidates and will be detrimental to the employment of women employees. SBI is attempting to bring in rules and guidelines of the barbarian era in the recruitment of women.

We demand immediate withdrawal of gender discrimination in the recruitment of women in the State Bank of India.

These guidelines of the State Bank of India amounted to a breach of constitutional provisions. The revised guidelines related to pregnant women violate Article 14 of the constitution, which guarantees the right to equality and equal treatment of all persons before the law.

The SBI directive will make it more difficult for pregnant women to enter the workforce. Modi’s report had stated that India’s female labor participation rate fell to 16.1% during the July -September 2020 quarter. Since 2020, the female workforce has only worsened in India despite Modi’s women empowerment slogan. The country dropped by 28 places in the 2021 Gender Gap Index and was ranked 140 out of 156 countries, especially based on its women’s economic participation.

It is highly shameful for the Modi-led BJP government to allow such discriminatory and vindictive practices against women by one of the leading Public Sector Banks in the country.

We demand immediate withdrawal of these anti-women guidelines of the State Bank of India regarding the recruitment of pregnant women.

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