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The literary movements that shocked the world!

The literary movements which shocked the world!
Literature has always witnessed all kinds of varieties of writing – Bizarre, Queer, Tragic, Comedy, romance etc and therefore this article deals with few movements which sent shock waves throughout the world and made people wonder what drove them to this!

1. Bizarre fiction Movement

Began in 2005, the founders of this movement were three publishing houses which were – Eraserhead Press, Afterbirth Books, and Raw Dog Screaming Press. These publishers sensed that in the market of books, there is a strong demand for weird literature or in other words, the Bizarre Literature. Initially, it had no specific name but over a period of time, it gained popularity and there was a convention held to celebrate the weird literature and it emerged out to be one of the cult movements seen in the history of literature.

2. Oulipo

Originated in France, the movement was spearheaded by French writers – Raymond Queneau and Francois Le Lionnais. The group of writers who supported this movement believed that writing is not a free expression one’s emotions or feelings, rather, it involved specific techniques and can be expressed in the forms of mathematical problems and equations. If this is not bizarre, then I don’t what is?! Have you ever heard of teaching writing techniques through mathematical equations?

3. Ero Guro Nansensu

This name is a mixture of Japanese and English and is actually derived from the words – Erotic, Grotesque and Nonsense. Born in Japan, this movement caught the attention of the West and they were quite amused.

The movement gained popularity between the two world wars and thus the huge amount of sexual and graphic violence content. One of the most popular writers of this movement is Edogawa Rampo. He combined the elements of decadent and erotic to produce shocking novels.

4. Asperger’s Realism

More than a movement, this is an insensitive tag given to the writers who belonged to the movement named Alt Lit. The two most important writers who belonged to this movement were Tao Lin and Marie Calloway. Because of their emotionless and quite robotic mode of narration, they were termed as Asperger’s Realists. The lives led by them were equally bizarre. They utilized the personal aspects of their lived such as sexual encounters, drug abuse etc.

5. Calligram

At one point in time, France was the hotbed of movements and theories and this is another movement which is the brainchild of the French poet and critic- Guillaume Apollinaire. This movement started after the posthumous publication of his poetry collection named as Calligrammes in 1918. The unique feature of this collection was the letter took the shape of the image the poet was trying to convey through the poem. The collection had all kinds of pictures such as horses, Eiffel Tower etc.

This collection proved to be a hit among the literary circle and many poets decided to take the movement forward so it is a sad fact that the poet never lived to see the success of his literary work.

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